• Green Home Ltd has a specialist division that deals with the surveying and effective treatment and removal of Japanese Knotweed.

    At Green Home Ltd we...

    ....tailor our treatment plans to suit each individual site and carry out site monitoring after the initial Japanese Knotweed eradication to ensure that the problem is gone for good. We provide Japanese Knotweed eradication services to private individuals, commercial businesses and public sector bodies. Our specialist Operatives are fully trained and hold all relevant NPTC certifications and have an excellent knowledge of the most effective methods and the best times to treat Japanese Knotweed.

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Why Green Home Ltd?

We treat Japanese Knotweed in harmony with the EA Knotweed Code of Practice.
  • We hold all relevant NPTC Certificates – PA1, PA6.
  • We treat and monitor every site individually.
  • We provide all the needed H&S records and Management Plans.
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About Japanese Knotweed

  • Also known as Fallopia Japonica, Japanese Knotweed is a hardy bamboo like plant that was imported from Japan in the 1850's.

    It was introduced by horticulturists as an ornamental garden plant and unfortunately little was understood about it’s invasive and resilient nature. This weed causes many problems on development sites and residential gardens, It is a particular pest along waterways and railways where it colonises bare land very rapidly. It’s rhizome network (or root system) can span 21 cubic metres causing extensive damage. If left untreated, Japanese Knotweed can cause significant structural damage, exploit weaknesses in buildings and damage underground constructions such as drainage and sewage systems. This obviously causes land owners unnecessary expense and decreases their land property value. The longer that this plant is left untreated, the more it will grow, the more damage will be caused and the more expensive it will be to treat.

Identifying Features

  • Key features of Japanese Knotweed:

    Japanese Knotweed is a tall perennial plant that will die back in winter and re-emerge in the spring. When it’s roots start to emerge in March/April, they are asparagus like and have a red/green colour. As it continues to grow in the summer the stem looks more green with red flecks on it and will grow up to 3m. It’s leaves are green and heart shaped and in September, will blossom with small white flowers. The flowers and leaves drop at around November time which will leave hollow brown and brittle stems.

How we treat Japanese Knotweed?

  • At Green Home Ltd we have a specialist division who will treat the effected areas at the appropriate time making sure that the weed does not return.

    Timing is absolutely crucial, one week too early or late and the treatment is ineffective.

    At the initial site visit we will undertake full risk assessment, site survey and generate a Knotweed Management Plan outlining the best course of treatment and, more importantly, how this treatment will be safely carried out. We will liaise with the appropriate authorities if we are treating near a watercourse and the Environment Agency where necessary. After the treatment, we offer a 3 or 5 year warranty with optional insurance backing and will make periodic site visits to ensure that the problem has been fully eradicated.

    Upon visiting the site we will recommend a certain type of herbicide that will be most effective to your Knotweed problem, we will also discuss with you what type of application is best. The treatments we use are extremely cost affective as opposed to site clearance and waste removal or excavation.

    We hold all relevant NPTC Certificates for using herbicides and we liaise with the Environment Agency and other relevant authorities to work in harmony with the EA Knotweed Code of Practice.

    There are two very effective solutions to choose from:

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